Newtown residents have expressed their concerns at new Andersons supermarket development plans

Residents are said to be worried as Andersons Supermarkets PLC has submitted a new planning application to move its petrol station 55 metres to the junction of the current site in West Newtown.

West Newtown Community Association has reported that residents are concerned and will protest the plans with support of local councillors.

The association says plans, which include the construction of a large car wash, will have a negative effect on the aesthetics of the supermarket on Bridge Road, partly due to the removal of greenery that masks the site.

Andersons says that the changes will allow them to address negative customer feedback about access to the site and reconfigure its parking facilities.

Previous planning applications from Andersons, including the proposal to expand the site into a superstore have all so far failed to materialise.

Local resident Bill Raybould, said of the new plan, “If they get permission for this, I feel sure it won’t be long before the old application for a superstore resurfaces.”

Local Councillor Norman Patricks, said it, “would be an aesthetic disaster.”

Andersons says that the plans would alleviate current concerns about the site’s access and safety.

A spokesperson for Andersons stated, “We believe it would make the complex safer and easier for customers to use” and that the changes were requested by local residents as they were in response to “negative customer feedback about access to the complex and the filling station.”

West Newtown Community Association represents 450 households in the area and was set up in direct response to a previous proposal by Andersons to develop the premises into a superstore and has also successfully opposed a previous attempt to move the petrol station.

by Tom McBeth, November 2014




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