Hundreds of NHS staff in Lincolnshire have been threatened with legal action over historic parking fines.

In recent weeks, over 200 NHS staff, former staff and patients have been threatened with court action over alleged parking infringements, with some dating as far back as 2014.

A crowdfunder has been set up to raise money for legal fees to challenge action being threatened by Total Parking Solutions (TPS) against a commuter to Pilgrim Hospital in Boston.

One source said: “Some of these fines are extortionate and it’s caused immense anguish and upset as some of these ‘debts’ amount to £1000s.

“[Recipients of the letters] include emergency front line staff such as A&E and cancer nursing staff, all of who pay monthly for their parking.

“These are staff only guilty of trying to park at work in inadequate parking facilities, whilst under pressure to be on shift.

“Despite initial promises from the trust that staff would not get ticketed if they were unable to find spaces, the company made profit from charges, against government NHS car parking policy, and hundreds of tickets were issued.

“The trust have done nothing to support their staff.”

An organiser of the Crowdfunding page, says: “We are raising money to help mount a defence against these unjust parking charges.

“There is never enough space in the staff car park and we have to get to work so people would park in odd places, on grass verges, things like that.

“The trust sent out of a staff bulletin out saying if we park in non-designated spaces, they wouldn’t get a ticket, so we thought we were fine, but some people still got tickets.

“Some ignored them, some paid them, some tried appealing, but most people’s appeals were dismissed by TPS.

“The crowdfunder is to raise money for legal fees as we have secured the services of the best car parking legal representation in the country.

“The hope is that winning would set a precedence for others who have received tickets.

“ULHT [United Lincolnshire Hospital Trust] has washed their hands of the problem and won’t help.”

Ian Hayden, facilities manager for ULHT, said: “We are aware that some of our staff have recently been sent letters for unpaid fines from our previous car parking provider.

“We encourage any member of staff who has received a letter like this to contact the company itself.”

The fundraising scheme is to pay for legal fees, in the hope that taking the case to court will set a precedence against other fines.

The fund, hosted on, has currently raised £200 of its £1,000 target.

In November 2018, Parking Eye took over from Total Parking Solutions who had run the car parks since 2012, but the new system has caused major problems for staff and patients.

TPS have been approached for comment.

by Tom McBeth (June 2019)

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