Richard Hammond: “Not about to quit his mates” following Clarkson bust-up

A recent tweet by former BBC presenter Richard Hammond further raises fans’ hope for a new Top Gear style show.

Responding to reports that neither Richard Hammond nor Top Gear co-presenter James May had renewed their contracts with the BBC, Hammond tweeted, “to be clear amidst all this talk of us ‘quitting’ or not: there’s nothing for me to ‘quit’. Not about to quit my mates anyway.”

The reports come after former Top Gear host, Jeremy Clarkson, was suspended and ultimately released by the BBC for a bust-up involving one of the show’s producers.

Hammond’s tweet came just days after May had himself tweeted, “I have not quit the BBC, just so you know” and described Jeremy Clarkson as “a bit of a dick, but I quite like him”.

The BBC’s decision not to renew Clarkson’s contract resulted in a petition to have him re-instated being signed by over a million people.

Since then, the show’s future has been left in limbo with all three presenters looking set to leave the show, and one of the show’s producers, Andy Wilman, resigning.

Despite this, the BBC have maintained that the show will not be cancelled and that the remaining footage of the previous series, which was cut short to the incident, will be broadcast later in the year.

Hammond and May have even gone so far as to document their ‘unemployment’ through Twitter, with the latter posting tongue-in-cheek videos on YouTube of him learning to play the clarinet and baking pies at his followers’ requests.

Fans have taken to Twitter in their numbers to express their support for the presenters’ futures, regardless of where it may be,

@LouiseJulie_ tweeted, “@RichardHammond Really glad you’s are sticking together, I really hope you’s can bring out another show!!”

@JamieVaide tweeted, “@JeremyClarkson Hope to see you back on telly soon – whatever the show might be.”

@D_P_Collins tweeted, “@JeremyClarkson You 3 need to go to a different network. Too right, the BBC doesn’t deserve them.”

@MrD speculated that the three may return to the BBC, tweeting, “@MrJamesMay I think your colleague @JeremyClarkson is stuck in the Corporations ‘revolving door’ about to go back in ! #MorePower!”

by Tom McBeth (May 2015)

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