Stewart Jackson: “Keep skills in Peterborough!”

The Conservative parliamentary candidate for Peterborough has spoken of his hope for a University Technical College for the city.

Speaking at a press conference, Mr Stewart Jackson spoke on a range of issues including poor voter turn-out among younger people and issues affecting young people in the run up to the general election.

Asked what he thought of university tuition fees, Mr Jackson said, “We need to look at whole range of issues facing young people.”

He argued that the number of students in higher education across the country has increased and there is no evidence to show that poorer students or families have been affected.

Mr Jackson said there should be a focus on volunteering, the National Citizen Service programme and vocational work for young people, and that he was keen on the idea of a University Technical College in the city.

He said, “It is important we keep skills in the city and get people into meaningful paid work”.

Speaking on poor voter turn-out among the younger generation, Mr Jackson asked, “Why do young people not take political equality?” and admitted he found it depressing that, “for the first time, people in their 30s and 40s are saying that they have never voted.”

Mr Jackson also reiterated his allegiance and loyalty to the Conservative party and his supporters following an approach from UKIP last year.

Mr Jackson said, “UKIP are a protest group, not a serious political party.”

Mr Jackson also rubbished a quoted from a UKIP candidate who said, “Kids in Peterborough can’t play together.”

Mr Jackson admitted mistakes by his party in the past, including voting against civil partnerships, minimum wage laws and added that “the labour party has done some good things.”

Asked about the referendum on the European Union, Mr Jackson said that David Cameron should “trust people to make an informed choice on a referendum” and that there was “no way David Cameron would get away without a referendum,

He wouldn’t last a week if he went back on his promise.”

by Tom McBeth (May 2015)

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