Unfinished Business: Journalism on the frontline in Mostar, Bosnia-Herzegovina

If you’ve read any of our posts, or anything about Bosnia-Herzegovina, or seen pictures of it since the mid-1990s, the war is probably the one thing that most people know about the country.

Whilst seeing it for ourselves in Mostar this summer, a local man was speaking to us and got onto the topic of Britain. In doing so he mentioned a name that Bosnia-Herzegovina see as almost synonymous with the country. Whilst across the world that could be anyone from David Beckham and Lewis Hamilton to William Shakespeare and Winston Churchill, this this particular part of the world it’s a BBC journalist, Jeremy Bowen.

During the early 90’s conflict, at a time when Mostar (along with the majority of the Balkans) was in lockdown, Jeremy Bowen had made his way into the city to report from the frontline. Opinion is divided on the input of a lot of the world during this conflict, from Israel’s alleged support of the Yugoslav forces to the UN seemingly allowing, or at least turning a blind eye to concentration camps and war crimes taking place within their safe zones. For all the failings on every side at that time, the BBC’s and Bowen’s efforts must be credited for bringing attention to what was happening in Mostar, and the wider area.

Whilst we were in the Museum of Crimes Against Humanity and Genocide in the Bosnian capital, Sarajevo, the following video was playing on a loop. An incredible piece of journalism and a must watch for anyone who wants to see what the frontline was like during the war that gripped the region.

Contains some upsetting scenes.

Article by Tom McBeth & Natasha Bryan

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