A two week study of congestion in Boston is due to start on Monday

A study is due to take place in Boston, in hope of finally addressing the town’s long running traffic issues.

The traffic flow study, which will last two weeks starting on Monday, 13 May, will involve monitoring equipment and cameras being set up in 71 locations in and around the town.

In addition, a small team of roadside surveyors will be speaking with road users to identify travel patterns, including where people are travelling to and from, and how they are doing so.

Cllr Richard Davies, Executive Member for Lincolnshire Highways, said: “Later this month, we’ll be using a variety of data-gathering tools to gain a better understanding of how traffic currently moves in and around town.

“By collecting up-to-date traffic flow and journey time statistics, we can use the info to help reduce delays and congestion in the town centre.

“Once completed, the new traffic model will also be used in further assessments and appraisals of the proposed Boston Distributor Road [Boston bypass] and other highway improvement schemes in the town and surrounding area.”

Plans to build the bypass were pitched as far back as 2006 and are still in discussion with a bid made to central government to fund a design at the start of the year.

by Tom McBeth

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