Lincolnshire spent three times more than the national average on stop-smoking services last year, according to an NHS report

Lincolnshire, the 18th largest county in England, was the 7th highest spending authority on cessation services and pharmacotherapies in the country.

Lincolnshire spent £935,000 in total, significantly more than the £330,000 average.

The report by NHS England says that this amounted to £602 per person who quit.

From April to December 2018, of over 3,100 people who accessed services, just under half of them were reported as successfully quitting.

NHS England says: “Smoking causes many serious and fatal diseases and conditions.

“Cigarettes contain over 4,000 toxic chemicals and around 50 of these cause cancer.

“Stopping smoking is the single most important thing you can do for your help.”

In 2017 it was estimated 15% of adults (7.4 million people) in the UK smoke, and treating the effects of smoking are reported to cost the NHS in England over £2 billion per year.

Over 484,000 admissions to hospitals, and 16% of all deaths in the UK were linked to smoking in 2018.

If you are wanting to give up smoking, the NHS has a list of advice and services on its website.

by Tom McBeth

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